Wyndham’s Better Business Bureau Complaints

Wyndham’s Better Business Bureau Complaints

Wyndham has had crazy history with the Better Business Bureau.  The problem is that Wyndham wants a good rating like other “more reputable” timeshare companies, but isn’t willing to improve their sales practices to ensure a better consumer rating.  Wyndham has had thousands of BBB complaints filed against it, almost two thousand over the last year or so.  Such a flurry of complaints led to Wyndham’s rating dropping to an “F” last year, the lowest possible BBB rating.  Nonetheless, refusing to change their deceptive sales practices, new complaints continued to be filed.  So many complaints that the BBB finally decided to remove Wyndham’s rating altogether.

Normally, when a business receives so many consumer complaints, their reaction is to clean up their act.  Not so for Wyndham.  Wyndham’s timeshare success is wholly dependent upon their continued use of deceptive and manipulative sales practices.   Consequently, Wyndham’s management has made a conscious decision to continue its organized sales fraud, apparently hoping no one will care that the fortune 500 company has a terrible BBB record.

 In fact, Wyndham’s BBB record is so horrible that BBB took the unprecedented step (when removing Wyndham’s rating) of including a complaint summary in its online profile.  BBB states the following:

“BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning misrepresentation in selling practices. Consumer complaints report that the verbal representations are inconsistent with the written agreement. According to complaints, claims include representations that the purchase is an “investment” and the same as “real estate” in that it will increase in value. Owners report mandatory meetings that they are led to believe are to introduce new features and benefits but result in a sales presentation to purchase or upgrade their points. In some instances owners are encouraged to complete a survey or questionnaire which results in another sales presentation to purchase additional points.” – See more at: http://www.bbb.org/central-florida/business-reviews/vacation-timeshare/wyndham-vacation-ownership-in-orlando-fl-20000283#sthash.oO3PluZ3.dpuf.

The above BBB quote speaks volumes….