Allyance Clients File Timeshare Lawsuits Against Wyndham


Allyance Clients File Timeshare Lawsuits Against Wyndham

Nashville, Tennessee: September 25, 2013 — Allyance Partners announced today that several clients of its dispute resolution division had filed lawsuits against Wyndham Worldwide Operations and its subsidiaries Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. and Wyndham Vacation Ownership.  See e.g. Houston O. Garvin And Brenda T. Garvin v. Wyndham Worldwide Operations, Inc., Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc., Wyndham Consumer Finance, Inc., et. al. Case No. 13C3835 (Tenn. 2013).  The nearly 100 page complaints contain numerous serious allegations, including intentional fraud, breach of contract, and negligence.  Several major laws were also violated, the suits contend, including the Tennessee Timeshare Act, Consumer Protection Act, Uniform Commercial Code, Real Estate Broker Act, and Securities Act.

 “Wyndham Timeshares have become synonymous with Timeshare Fraud.  Our firm has discovered widespread unethical and dishonest sales practices throughout the Wyndham organization,” said Walt Lippincott, President and CEO at Allyance Partners.  “We have studied countless cases where Wyndham has defrauded its new and existing customers. Wyndham’s fraudulent sales tactics are institutional and company-wide.  They have a pattern and practice of lying to prospects in order to make a sell.”

 Wyndham’s timeshare division has come under fire over the last few years for its disreputable sales and marketing techniques.  Many believe Wyndham’s high pressure deceitful practices are the reason it is now the largest timeshare company in the world.  In fact, Wyndham has managed to grow its timeshare business when other companies have struggled, writing over 1.6 Billion dollars in timeshare contracts in 2012 alone. 

“Wyndham is selling our senior citizens vacation dreams that turn out to be vacation nightmares.  It’s not surprising that so many Wyndham timeshare customers have decided to fight back,” said Lippincott. “Wyndham targets unsuspecting retirees with good credit, and then upgrades them as many times as possible until they are virtually bankrupt.  A brief search of the bankruptcy court filings show how many of our elderly family members have been driven into bankruptcy from Wyndham timeshare debt.  It’s completely unconscionable!”

 Allyance Partners is a leader in complex property transactions, including complicated property exchanges, vacation ownership interests (timeshares), creative real estate financing, private equity real estate vehicles, REITS, international real estate transactions and other exotic property conveyances such as undivided and fractional ownership.  Allyance Partners has helped numerous clients favorably resolve timeshare related disputes. 

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